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Aug. 14th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009


Sooooo... Real quick update because I fail at this and katie reminded me of this fact. Cty, the best summer job ever ended exactly a week ago today. I'm still missing my summer family but I didn't have much time to reflect because I ran away to meadville to partcipate in clc whick is a leadership conference at mckeever environmental center. Currently i'm having a great dining experience at the artist cup cafe. Complete with some live music!

Jul. 20th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009


So I have been having the best summer ever. The people working at cty shd have been fantastic. Although first session is now over and15 of the most awesome people ever are gone I still have high hopes for the rest of the summer.

Some highlights:
-"poetry reading" at the auditorium
-solitara (fondly known as the crackhead game)
-getting pied in the face by some awesome kids
- winning assasins
- hanging in the office with katy and matt
- family dinner w/ the instructional staff
- the socials
- the cow place
- meeting people like Arber, Ruel, Orren, Andrew L., Matt, Katy
- seeing the returning staff that has become my summer family

Some lowlights
- first session ending
- getting a kidney stone
- having to go to er and taking percecet for said stone

I miss my new friends and I miss allegheny.

Jun. 14th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

oops! sorry kaite!!

haha i was on livejournal 4 weeks ago.  that is also the last time i was at allegheny other than when i went back for a few days for the alumni choir but i didnt have any time to update while i was there.  life has been alright since the last update.  yesterday was my sister's high school graduation and that was interesting.  i had the thought that i will not be back on the delaware valley campus again until one of my reunions.  even then who knows if we will go back to the school or not.  either way im ok with that.  i have moved beyond high school now.  the first few times i went back there after graduating i was sad that i was no longer a student and i was always remembering all the memories that i have there.  now, there is pretty much nothing. i really dont feel anything there anymore.  its just a place.  all the people i knew there other than a few teachers are gone.  i realize it was the people that made the place what it was for me.  i dont think i will feel that way about allegheny tho.  it has been too much of a part of my life.

aaany way.  i have been keepin busy by reading and babysitting a little 9mo old girl for a friend.  that has been an adventure i do not want to venture into for myself for a loooong while now.  it is hard enough taking care of one for over 10 hours a day.  she is adorable and all but its A LOT of work.  plus...i have the wiggles and yo gabba gabba (2 baby shows) stuck in my head and it is a little annoying.  either way its a little bit of pocket change although i think i am being waaay under paid.  $35 for 10 hours a day.  but w/e they feed me breakfast and lunch because i stay over their house the night before because they live like an hour away and i have to be there at 7:30 in the morning.  im NOT a morning person so it is easeir for me to stay there the night before.

right now i am cleaning off my old computer and moving my old files onto a jump drive to go through on my laptop which is considerably faster no matter what i say about it being slow.  atleast it doesnt take whole minutes to open files.  mom wants to sell the old computer and dad wants to try to fix it up before hand so i have to get all my old stuff off of it.  its kinda interesting to see what has been hiding on this thing all these past 3 years and i have forgotten.  and all my high school files are on it.  its kinda interesting to see all of it again.  thank god for ftp because that is where they are going for a little bit until i have time to find a place to put them.  you never know when you will need a certain file again!  im also finding pictures from the good old high school days that i want to post again on facebook since i never had them on my laptop and i didnt get a facebook until i had the laptop.  yay old pictures! 

I hope you are all having a great summer!

May. 14th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

I'm feeling old..

Tomorrow is my little sister's 18th birthday.  I feel like it was just my 18th birthday.  She is also graduating high school in almost exactly a month.  I feel like I just graduated high school.  I'm not ready for my baby sister to be all growed up.  hell...im not ready to be growed up.  

anyway...I have been home for what...5 days and my parents have decided that this year i have to go through all my stuff that I brought home and reorganize it and get it packed again.  I realize I am going away in a month and a half but geez...i would like to feel like im home for at least a little bit.  My room is currently a MEGA disaster but its ok...i will gradually tackle it more and more each day.  i.e. that means that I will have to have it done by the end of the weekend if i dont want mom on my back about it every day.  I would prefer to no have to argue with her this summer.  we will see how well that goes.  

wow...my computer really hates the keyboard that i have sitting at home.  it keeps pausing every 30 seconds or so...I have half a mind to unplug this one and get out my normal keyboard...but then I would have to find a home for this one.  blargh.  I have too much stuff.  I guess I just type too fast for this keyboard after being not used for oh maybe 2 years eh? another technological issue im having is the resolution on my monitor is too small and everything is waaay too big for normal use.  I cant fit half as much on my screens as I used to be able to.  At least is is really easy to read things now.  why is  life sooo difficult at home?  

pretty soon the paychecks from school will be in the mail and I can pay to do the whole weight watchers thing again.  damn money.

time to work more on my room.

i miss my college friends...

May. 4th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Good Bye Junior Year

One more final to go...one more year to go...


other than that life is alright.  opera scenes concert was yesterday and it went very well.  the red hair really worked for being a sorceress.  good stuff.  mom and dad came up to visit and see the concert.  it was nice to spend some time with them.  i was soo worn out from studying and finals and school that we ended up going back to their hotel room and watching the tale of despereaux.  it was adorable....well the 2/3rds of the movie that i saw because the bed was really really comfortable...

this morning was the freaking molecular biology exam.  i think i did well on it...there is only one question that i had some concerns about but its all good.  i really dont have the energy to care about it.  i had a nice lunch with camilo after selling my molecular textbook.  48 dollars.  whoo...i can eat dinner tonight...unless i decide brooks which is possible.

earlier this week i discovered a letter in my mailbox.  i recieved the morten j. luvaas scholarship for next year.  whoo!!!!!!!!!  chief decided to bestow this award on me for all the stuff i do in the music department.  im really excited to help out my parents a little more with a scholarship.  i know its not a science scholarship but still.  its nice to be recognized. 

i wish the sun would come out/warm up.  i miss the sunshine.  i missed it yesterday packing.  it looked nice though.

ok i think im done rambling.  time to study more physics...bleh (sorry mueller...i just cant love it)

Mar. 28th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Men cannot choose but like them well

Today was the chamber singers concert. It feels like it sort of jumped up on me without warning. The group
Pieces Ended up sounding really good despite the fact that the guys have been having a hard time with their piece. My solo from dido and aneas gave everyone chiils. It helps the song was about my death. Uncle andy and aunt amita came which was super exciting. Apparently they haven't heard me sing since I was in high school so they were quite impressed. Aaron even said that the g in the song gave him chills. For the recital I wore a really pretty blue knee lenght dress and my blue and gold jewerly amita gave me for her wedding. I felt almost like the queen of carthage. Afterwards I went to dinner with everyone and got tons of leftovers to get through the week.

Yesterday was rough. I was up til 6am the night before writing up my answer to my molecular bio exam, studying for my physics exam the next day and comforting a fried that was crying due to her boyfriend being a jerk and her comp being due in a few days. I was glad to see her again because she has been soo busy comping that I haven't seen her since the beginning of the semester. I couldn't stay awake in molecular nut I think the physics test went well. I went to the movies with micalyn and heather because gap paid for free movies. We ended up seeing monster v. Alien. It was absolutley adorable and it was nice to hang with them for a little. Later in the night I went over to muellers and watched starwars 4. I haven't seenvit in sooo long I almost forgot how much I loved those silly movies. It was also nice to spend time with my other peeps again. Sooo much hanging out. Made me a very happy girl.

By the way the title is the lyrics from am English madrigal called "as late in my accounting" from today concert.

Mar. 27th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Look at that horse!

Wow two updates in one week!

This week has been amazing and at the same time horrendous.

Good: - my ballroom partners love to dance with me and have told this to my face
- I learned to chacha and merengue
- I have been able to hang out with my friends whom I have missed over break
- I love my new grandlittle
- my parents are visiting this weekend

Bad: - I had an exam in physics and a take home exam both due Friday
- I still have to write a ballroom critique
- I got 3 hours of sleep last night
- I need to be in 30 different places this weekend and have no idea how to amend this problem
- I froze during revalation and the puffy paint on my gls sweatshirt didn't dry on time

The End

Mar. 25th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Spring Break '09

 Life Update time!!  I was going to do this from my ipod because I can but there are other times for that and there is a lot to write here.

For Spring break this year I decided to take a grand tour of the east coast to visit some friends I haven't seen in months.  Lucky for me my body decided to contract the flu/sinus infection the day I got home.  yay me.  Other than needing to stop at a gas station along the highway while driving because I was passing out behind the wheel due to exhaustion of fighting said sickness, I think I did fairly well traveling around.  

Saturday was mamma Shatt's birhtday party.  I got to hang out with Sara and Chelsea, two people I havent seen in forever.  We played wii bowling with Sara's brother who never really talked to me until today and her boyfriend who she has been dating for 3 years and I just met today as well.  We hit up the trivial pursuit pop culture only to remember that chelsea is color blind.  That was fun trying to tell her which question to read.  Afterward we went over to the cabin to visit Uncle Andy and Aunt Amita and had some delicious homemade english pudding.  yum.

Monday I drove Megsie Poopsie down to Moravian college to see a neuroscientist from Johnson and Johnson speak about his job and what he does as a senior scientist.  It was acutally fairly interesting even though I had no idea what was happening with the neurons and such like that.  I did get some more insight into the medicine making process and how I might fit in there one day with my degree in biochemistry.  Meggie was all excited to understand more of the talk than I did and was writing me notes about how she knew things during the presentation.  I was really happy for her because that means she knows what she wants to do with her life when she gets into college.  We also got to meet her favorite professor there, Dr. Fox.  She seems a lot like a more approachable version of Dr. K, my molecular biology professor.  We then wandered around Bethlehem looking for a place to eat and apparently I parked my car in the rough section of the neighborhood because this one mexican restaurant we wanted to go to looked really run down when you got up to it and there were creepy guys hanging outside their houses checking us out.  We decided to continue on to a pub called the Bethlehem Brewry and proceeded to have some not so good Shepheards Pie.  One of my favorite Irish dishes.  Unfortunately they put peppers and onions in it and made it waaaay too spicy which is not in the irish style thank you very much.  The dessert was good though so that made up for it .  I cant wait to visit her there next year and actually be able to try the beers that they make right there in the restaurant.

Tuesday, St. Patricks Day, I drove down to Elizabethtown College to visit Mike.  We ended up hanging out with Ryan in harrisburg for a while and then hung out with some of his friends in their dorm drinking and watching Boondock Saints.  I want to watch it again when I am paying attention better because I was busy talking and making new friends.

Friday I visited Boston and megan with jessie.  Julia ended up at megan's apartment as well and we had a full on party complete with friends, food, and drinking,  i havent seen julia since we graduated so it was nice to catch up with her and see how everything is going. 

On Saturday I came home and litterally 2 hours later we were on the road heading to the mall.  The ipod broke a few weeks ago and I wanted to go to the apple store and see what i could do about replacing it.  Dad decided he would help me pay for one of them ipod touches and I would pay them back wehn I got my next paycheck.  It is one of the most amazing little things I have ever played with.  It gets the internet and email and everything. 

There is bad news from break though...i gained 4 lbs.  All the traveling, fast food, and dads cooking did not do well with the diet.  Damn.

Mar. 14th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Where're we gonna be when we turn 25....

So...after a long week of crazy studying and what not I am finally on spring break and home again.  It kinda feels weird to be home.  My normal schedule is off and my bed is too big.  My room is to big.  Im acutally getting used to my little hole in the world known as Caflisch 115.  It is nice to be with my family again and to hang out with my sister.  Oh my goodness is she crazy??  From the moment I got home till the time we went upstairs to bed she has just been off the wall.  I love her for it though.  Apparently I will be driving her to Moravian College on Monday so we can visit a lecture there and talk to one of the professors she really likes there. Dr. Fox.  I have heard great things about her and cannot wait to meet her.  I know Meggie is excited to visit again.  I know she can't wait for college to start.  Being home is reminding me of my high school years and all the people I knew back then and how little I knew about the world.  I have just been really reflective about that recently and idk.  maybe it is the fact that in a few short weeks I will oficially be a senior in college.  I don't think I am quite ready to leave Allegheny.  I love it there and I just want to stay in the little college bubble for a little while longer.  I feel like I just started living college.

Exciting Update:
Since the beginning of February I have lost a total of 10lbs!!!  go me.  According the goals I posted in my first entry...I owe myself a new book.  Maybe I will talk meggie into going shopping with me this weekend.  We shall see.

Mar. 4th, 2009

Theta Formal 2-2009

Quick Update

sooo...i lost another 3 lbs.  that makes my total 9lbs.  i am suuuuper excited.

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